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Balmain Design: Bringing web design & photography together

Seattle, Washington based Balmain Design creates attractive, custom websites for small businesses and individuals who want something more than that generic "template look." With Balmain Design the emphasis is on custom design, unique photography, lean coding practices, and accessibility using Modern Web Standards.

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Major corporations and institutions can afford the organization and expense of employing separate services like graphic design, photography, page development, advertising, database development etc. But what about the little guy? - small businesses, start-ups, artists, individuals etc. Often a choice must be made between settling for a generic template or seeking separate but expensive services. Balmain Design offers a better way: an efficient, custom package that takes care of the photos, page design, banner graphics, Content Management System (CMS)and text optimization, all within a streamlined workflow. A great custom design package becomes affordable.

Balmain Design was founded by Maxwell Balmain, a Seattle photographer with 20 years experience in media and commercial photography. See the main photography site at Balmain Photography. The internet is littered with commercial sites that feature generic stock photographs - images that are available to anyone with stock image CD's or a web connection. What is missing with these sites is a sense of real local identity and individuality. Producing "real" onsite images will have a huge impact on presenting a focused message in a competitive internet world.

Note: Balmain Design is currently going through a major overall! Please excuse the dust... 10/6/11

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